Experience Art at Tyler Arboretum

Each week we will have our eyes on the arts and talk about any exhibits or arts events happening in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.  This week, I’d love to share information on a special event  that I can’t wait to check out for myself – Tyler Arboretum’s new exhibit, “Sit a Spell, Seats That Tell a Tale.” 

The exhibit features a cool variety of garden seats.  There’s everything from a fabulous wave bench designed by Parris Bradley that I’d love to have in my back yard to whimsical lily pad frog and mushroom stools.  I thought one of the most clever benches that took advantage of a fallen tree at the Arboretum was the “Hungry Caterpillar.”  Hear the about the caterpillar bench and many of the other seats in this video by Delco News Network.  Which one is your favorite seat?

The exhibit  runs now through October 28th and it’s free with admission. For more information, contact the visitor center at 610-566-9134 x 212 or info@tylerarboretum.org


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