Sean D’Anconia – A Shining Pop Star

Today’s artist to watch is pop artist Sean D’Anconia.

Sean D’Anconia’s goal is to define a new twenty-first century graphic-ideal.  He was born in Canada but lived and worked in Hong Kong, Florence, Los Angeles and Vancouver.  His background in filmmaking and fashion and his world travels are definitely evident in his work and help him to combine cult-cinema and animation to a funky pop-art aesthetic.  I think his art is so vibrant and interesting.  I especially love his “Magical Mystery Life” John Lennon pop-fusion art.

If you’re in Los Angeles this week, you can see the debut of his cult-cinematic take on Mickey Mouse, “MOUSETOWN,” at the Downtown Disney® District’s (Disneyland® Resort) grand opening of WonderGround Gallery on June 9th.

Here’s his website to see more of his work.

Mickey Mouse by Sean D’Anconia.


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