How to Make Easy Prints

Sun Print from Summer Spree

Sun Print from Summer Spree

School’s out for summer so here’s an idea on how to make easy prints at home with children.


You will need:

  • Washed Styrofoam meat trays
  • Dull pointed pencil
  • Tempera or acrylic paint (tempera is washable, acrylic is not, both are available at local craft and art stores)
  • Foam paint brush (1” wide works well)
  • Paper to print on (you can make cards, bags, wrapping paper, gift tags as well as single pretty prints.)
  • Newspaper or plastic to cover the work surface


    1. Cover your work area with newspaper or plastic tarp.
    2. Make sure Styrofoam meat trays are clean and cut off the curved edges so you have a flat sheet of Styrofoam on which to create your printing plate.
    3. Using a dull pencil draw your design or picture onto the piece of Styrofoam.
    4. Go over your drawing, pressing the lines in to the Styrofoam so you have cleanly indented lines.
    5. If there is writing in your print, it needs to be backwards.
    6. Select paint color for your print and pour out some paint onto a paper plate or into a paper cup.
    7. Coat foam brush with paint and lightly coat the entire surface of the Styrofoam printing plate. Do not get paint into the lines you have made on your printing plate.
    8. Place paper you wish to print on top of your painted Styrofoam print plate.
    9. Carefully smooth the back of the printing paper all over.
    10. Gently remove paper and enjoy your print.
    11. You can make more prints using the same “printing plate”. To change color, wash the “printing plate” and start again.


    • You can use this method to print on fabric too. For permanent prints, use fabric paint or acrylic paint. Think of the options. . . .especially designed t-shirts, a fabric picnic cloth. . . the sky’s the limit.
    • You can make a poster of your children’s prints. Get a larger piece of paper and print each child’s print on the same sheet.

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