Black and White Images by Steven L. Miller

Today’s artist to watch is Steven L. Miller.

Miller was a CEO who traded the board room for the dark room.  A  cultural portrait artist with nine images in the permanent collection of The Smithsonian Museum, Steven spent most of his life leading non-profit organizations in six states.

Steven Miller's Chickens Pride

Steven Miller’s Chickens Pride

He left his executive position in 2002 to make and market fine art black and white images that reflect and impact the human condition. He has visited 34 foreign countries in search of images that are “compelling and memorable.”

Miller feels that photography is a great way of helping people expand how they see the world so he teaches photography classes and workshops to help others make distinctive photographs that  reflect the human condition.

Check out his web site at  When looking through the gallery of photos, what I notice in particular about his work, is the way he so beautifully captures a moment in time.  His image Generations, featuring a wrinkly older man staring into the face of a newborn, is tender and powerful at the same time.

What’s your favorite image?


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