How to Display Children’s Artwork

Children's art from Summer Spree.

Children’s art from Summer Spree.

Tired of all the children’s artwork hanging haphazardly on your refrigerator door?  Why not turn children’s artwork into fabulous displays throughout the home?  Children’s artwork adds a personal touch to any room.  By displaying it prominently, it also sends a message that a child’s creative expression is appreciated and valued.  Here are some simple ways to creatively display children’s artwork at home:

  • Cover a favorite drawing with clear contact paper on the front and back, trim and use as a place mat.
  • Create a gallery wall by framing scribbles, coloring pages or drawings in matching frames or use a series of shelves to display a mix of framed art, painted plates, mugs or clay sculptures.
  • Buy some shadow boxes to display art along with a paintbrush or a photo of the child creating the artwork.
  • Make a collage by cutting up several pieces of artwork to make one, bigger piece of art.
  • Have a child create note cards or a cover for a daily things to do book.
  • Create a clothesline on a wall and clip pictures to it.
  • Encourage a child to make holiday ornaments each year and save them to use year-to-year.

Do you have any creative ways to display children’s artwork? Please share them with us.


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