Barbara Hanselman Loves Where Clay Takes Her

Today’s artist to watch is… Barbara Hanselman.

Barbara lived and breathed interior and architectural design until she discovered clay at a workshop given by Jeanne Haskell at The Vermont Clay Studio in Montpelier, Vermont in 1994.  Upon returning home, she knew she had to pursue her new-found interest.  She signed up for classes at Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown, New Jersey and The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it wasn’t too long before she began teaching classes herself.

All of Barbara’s clay work is hand-built and one-of-a-kind.  Using her own pinch-strip or slab method of construction, she builds up the side walls to capture the space within.  As the piece begins to breathe on its own and a personality emerges, she yields to the nature of the clay.  It tells her what it wants to be when it grows up and she listens.  Her entire being, not just her hands, is an integral part of the process.

A showing of CUTEsies, scent bottles, aromatherapy reed containers, shakers, and weed pots from Barbara’s class work this past semester, will be on display in the Community Arts Center’s Library beginning July 1st. 

Stoneware Scent Bottle by Barbara Hanselman.

Stoneware Scent Bottle by Barbara Hanselman.


One thought on “Barbara Hanselman Loves Where Clay Takes Her

  1. Actually, my class showing of CUTEsies will be available on the 3rd of July and is something you won’t want to miss! From classic Raku scent bottles to ornately accented stoneware weed pots, shakers and vases, this showing has a wonderful assortment of the most imaginative small creations you will ever see. Plan to come to the Clay Associates opening the evening of Friday the 13th and wander up to the 2nd floor library for a look-see!

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