Easy Arts Activities with Children

Art experiences allow children the opportunity to practice working with their hands and fingers, refining small motor skills. It also improves eye-hand coordination. Working with various materials provides children with the opportunity to learn about the building blocks of art: shape, form and color while building confidence in their ability to create.

Here are a couple of easy arts activities to do with children at home.

The Magic of Color – appropriate for children 2 and up

Let your child learn about color mixing with finger paint. Ask your child to begin their painting with two of the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and put a dab of each on finger paint paper. Let your child mix the paints and discover the colors that they will make.

Paint with Water – appropriate for children 2 and up

Give your child a pail of water and a clean paint brush (between ½ “ – 2” wide). Let them paint on cement surface outside or on colored construction paper inside. Their paintings will evaporate and the will delight in doing more.

I’m always amazed at what children can accomplish artistically.  If given the time and encouragement, maybe a child in your life might surprise you?


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