Visit the Whimsical World of Webberking

A peacock by Sandra Webberking.

A peacock by Sandra Webberking.

Today’s artist to watch is… Sandra Webberking.

Let me come right out and say it.  I just love the work of Sandra Webberking.  Webberking is a metal sculptor with a diverse body of work but my favorite pieces are her funky, fun and fabulous garden sculptures and planters.  A huge a fan of recycling, she uses found objects to create her whimsical garden creatures.  She’s also an avid gardener, so it’s no surprise that she creates art for a place where she enjoys spending time. I think I love her work so much because I, like her, enjoy gardening and try to incorporate found pieces in my outdoor space as well. Although I don’t make a piece of art from the objects I find, I do enjoy the hunt for something unique and special for the yard.

Sandra invites everyone to come and enjoy the art and flowers at her Springfield, PA home show. The 2012 artist studio and gardens open tour is on Saturday, July 28th from 12 – 4 p.m.  I missed it last year but I am gonna try my best to visit this time.

I read that she started sculpting with discarded blades of farm equipment and I’m curious to find out where she finds her favorite materials now. Where’s your favorite place to find materials?


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