Missing Matisse Found

A Henri Matisse painting entitled “Odalisque in Red Pants” from 1925 being sold for over a million dollars to undercover FBI agents by people in Miami is actually a missing painting that was stolen over 10 years ago according to ABC’s Miami affiliate WPLG.

WPLG reported that the original was on display at the SofiaImberContemporaryArt Museum in Caracas since 1981, except for the time it was loaned to a Spanish exhibition in 1997. So, other than the time it was on loan, the original was hanging in the museum.  I have to ask first, how was someone able to make a counterfeit of this painting and put a fake in its place and second, get the original out of the museum without security noticing?  That the painting’s been recovered 10 years later is also amazing to me.  I wonder where it’s been all this time and had it been up for sale before? 

Thanks to the efforts of the FBI Art Crime Team, the original painting can be restored to its former and rightful owner.


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