Find Free Art by Keith Jensen

Today’s artist to watch is Keith Jensen.

This New York City based artist is my featured artist today because he is doing something for the next year that I think is really, really cool.  Jensen is leaving original artwork around NYC and surrounding areas for residents to find. Most pieces  are painted on high quality, framed canvas and he places a sign on them that reads,  “If having this art will make your day better, then it’s yours.”  He’s even vowed to not sell any art during this time so he can produce pieces for this community event.

To determine locations free art will be left, Jensen has started a Twitter account (@paintpenart) where clues are left and sneak peeks of the art are given so that interested parties can get a head start. How much fun is that!

I wish I was going to be in Manhattan soon so I could play this scavenger hunt type game!  Let us know if you’re in NYC and find a piece of his art.


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