Re-Creating Olympic Rings

English: Olympic rings with smileys inside

English: Olympic rings with smileys inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For our “how to” today, I thought it’d be fun to give some ideas on re-creating the image of the Olympic rings with children.

If your children are participating in some outdoor “Olympic style” games, have them help make flags or decorations with the rings to add to the spirit and festiveness of the games. The kids will have tons of fun drawing and coloring the rings, cutting them out and putting them together.

There are so many ways you can re-create the rings, here are a few ideas I came up with:

Find a printable rings template online to use as a guide or trace “rings” using the bottom of a glass or small plate. Using paint or colored pencils or markers, have the children fill in the rings with blue, yellow, black, green and red.  Cut out the colorful rings and glue them onto white construction paper or poster board.  Glue a wooden dowel to the back and you’ve got a flag.  The flags can be used to wave on competitors during the games.

Create some sidewalk art by drawing and coloring the rings with chalk on your pavement or in your driveway.  The ring art can be placed at the finish line of a racing game.

Draw an outline for a set of large Olympic rings on a long piece of Kraft paper.  Cut blue, yellow, black, green and red tissue paper into 1” x 1” square pieces.  Starting with the first ring, twist the blue tissue paper around a pencil eraser, dip the bottom of the tissue paper twist in glue and stick it onto the ring until the entire ring is covered.  Repeat this process for each ring and color.  When dry, hang this banner above a snack table or starting line of a game.

You can even add smiley faces in the rings!

My ideas are quick and easy so if you’re looking for something more, I found this site called Activity Village that I really liked.  It has even more ideas including steps to make a great origami and a felt ring craft.

Send us photos of the Olympic rings you re-create.

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