London’s Street Art Under Siege ?

Today’s artists to watch are London’s street artists.

East London is known for its street art, yet, supposedly due to the Olympics being in town, the satirical or political nature of some of the Olympic themed pieces or due to some art being defined as graffiti, some of it is reportedly being removed or painted over by officials there.  Some artists have even been arrested.  I find it sad that these street artists are possibly being censored for conveying their feelings. Isn’t art about expressing yourself even though at times it may be controversial?

Another question I ask myself is how exactly do the powers that be determine if a painting or mural is street art or graffiti?  Isn’t both a creation of an image which in itself is the definition of art?

I had a chance to look through a slide show of some of the street art on NBC News, and although I like some pieces more than others (I especially love the Usain Bolt image), I think all of them should have a wall to call home.  What do you think?


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