Nelson De La Nuez Appearing at Legends Gallery of La Jolla

International pop artist Nelson De La Nuez, who’s listed on the “Who’s Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time,” is appearing at Legends Gallery of La Jolla for an artist’s champagne reception on Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. His “Pop Land” show, which runs from Friday, August 10th through Sunday, August 12th, will be comprised of limited edition pieces, pencil sketches, original works and brand new releases being shown for the first time. The artist will also be signing his “Pop Americana: The Pop Art of Nelson De La Nuez” coffee table books.

If you’re not familiar with Nelson De La Nuez’s work, he’s known for his distinctive trademark style called, “Art on the Edge,” which is creating art on all sides of the canvas.  His artwork is collected by movie stars, models, entertainment industry execs and corporations. His pieces are great fun to look at and capture such interesting cultural subjects as iconic board game characters, characters from film and TV, even advertising mascots. Many of the images are familiar from everyday life and I think they convey a sense of humor and nostalgia.  I looked through his online gallery and I really like so many of his pieces especially the Material Girl Series and the old-fashioned looking Western and Travel pieces.  What’s your favorite?

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