Hennessy Brings True Meaning to Phrase Arts and Leisure

I always appreciate product packaging that is unique or especially creative so I guess that’s why I think a new product partnership between Hennessy cognac and street artist Futura is so cool. 

Futura is designing a limited-edition bottle of Hennessy V.S. that has eye-catching abstract lines and shape and gets inspiration from the cognac’s warm-colored tones. The bottles, each individually numbered, are available beginning today.

In conjunction with the bottle launch, Futura also mentored students from the Pratt Institute as part of a competition where students created works of art that interpret Hennessy through their chosen mediums and got the chance to earn seed money to jumpstart their career and a trip to Paris, France.

I think these bottles would be a great gift and make for great conversation at any dinner party.  I’m going to try to pick a bottle up this weekend.  If you get one, let us know what you think of it.

 For more information about the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle by Futura, visit www.neverstopneversettle.com or Facebook.com/Hennessy.


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