Elvis Remembered in Art

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken...

Promotional photograph of Elvis Presley, taken in 1954. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  As one of the most popular singers of the 20th century and surely one of our most recognizable cultural icons, rather than discuss his contributions to the music and film industries, I’d like to take a look at how his image been represented in art over the years.

I am old enough to remember the insanely popular velvet Elvis paintings of the 1970’s and although I could go on at length about the merits of this medium, I want to highlight a couple other art pieces I came across.

“SKINNY ELVIS, FAT LINES,” from illustrator Bob Kessel’s American Icon series is a fabulous example of Elvis in his heyday that is simple yet captivating.  I love this piece.  It may even be my favorite from this series.

Graphic Elvis by Liquid Comics is a limited edition collector’s book.  Elvis was inspired by comics and this book features today’s comic book creators who found inspiration from Elvis’ archives to create portrayals of Elvis in unprecedented visual styles.  The pages of this book look so cool.  It’s really something different for fans.

I could go on and on about different types of Elvis artwork.  There was the U.S. Postal Service stamp with “Elvis Presley” artwork by Mark Stutzman and I even came across a great Elvis post it note mosaic, but I thought I’d ask you to share your favorite Elvis  art.  Have any?

3 thoughts on “Elvis Remembered in Art

  1. I have no art to share, but your post brings back vivid memories of “Death Week” (that’s what the locals called it) in Memphis! My husband and I were there for most of 1993, and saw firsthand how many people still make their living off Elvis – from the throngs at Graceland to the Elvis impersonators performing in venues all over town, from parking lots to theaters…

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