How to Make Art from Trash

Today I’m giving suggestions on how to make art from trash.

Ok, it doesn’t really have to be trash but it could be, or any old, extra pieces of stuff you may have lying around your studio or house.   I got the idea from a project my girls were doing in their art class.  They needed to make a series of art pieces based off of a particular object using found or recycled materials.  One daughter used a skull as her object.  She made several skulls but my favorite was constructed out of old Coke cans that she shaped to form the head.  She also used the tab pulls very cleverly as teeth.  My other daughter used an airplane as her object.  My favorite plane was made out of aluminum foil and it was covered with broken pieces of different colored plastic cutlery.  She even covered one with tiny plane cut-outs.

If you’d like to try your hand at making some art from trash, here are some ideas and materials you can use:

First, get a clean, large work surface.

Then, gather materials like newspaper, buttons, silk flowers, bottle caps, soda cans, corks, foil, wrapping paper, old magazines, twigs, old crayons, fabric, screws, pins, coins, wire, you name it.

Choose an object that you’d like to make from the found objects.

Have pencils, a hot glue gun, a ruler, a hammer or other tools handy and let your imagination get to work.

Have you made any art from trash?  We’d love to hear about it.


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