Reward for Stolen Artwork is $5 Million

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past week, I happened to catch a news story about an art heist that happened over 20 years ago at the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston.  A number of important works, valued at over 500 million, including works by Rembrandt and Manet, were stolen.

From what I’ve read, the FBI now knows the identity of the thieves who were trying to sell the pieces in the Philadelphia region and elsewhere after the crime took place.  Unfortunately, the statute of limitations is up, so it looks like the thieves will not be brought to justice for the actual theft.  It’s really difficult for me to imagine anyone having the nerve to steal $500 million in artwork – and then to get away with it?

I just hope the pieces, which are still missing, are found soon.  The FBI is calling on the public to keep their eyes and ears open for any news on the whereabouts of the stolen goods.  There’s even a $5 million reward – a well-earned reward for anyone who can bring these pieces back to their rightful home.

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