Crayola Experience Brings Art Alive

As a kid, there was nothing quite like opening a big 64 box of Crayola crayons, the one with the sharpener on the back.  In my house, it was a special treat, a splurge over the usual 8 count box. All the crayons were nice and pointy and there were so many colors, all neatly arranged.  I looked forward to using those new crayons and tried to put them back in the same spots I pulled them out of so as not to mess up the rainbow of colors.  For me, Crayola was, and still is, the king of crayons, but today they’re also sparking creativity with digital tools as well.

Just this past weekend, the Crayola Experience re-opened in Easton, PA, combining art and technology.  Crayola’s newly renovated facility introduces participants to a fusion of color and digital media through various attractions spread over four floors.  There are lots of interactive and hands-on attractions to inspire everyone’s creativity.

Of special note is their Art Alive! Exhibit where you can create digital works of art at a Tryten iPad kiosk station set up with the Crayola DigiTools app.  Creations are broadcast onto a huge background and come to life with the touch of a hand.  Designs can interactively move based on the motions of the artist.

The Crayola Experience sounds like a great destination for kids and adults alike.  If you were going to the Crayola Experience, what type of interactive art would you create at the Art Alive exhibit?

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