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Be Open to Art

Today’s artist to watch is Christie Leonard. A senior at Marple Newtown High School, Christie is actively involved in the arts at Community Arts Center. I recently sat with Christie to discuss work from a class she’s been attending for several years, building architectural models, and I really learned a lot about the process.  I’d … Continue reading

Today We Celebrate Claude Monet

November 14th is the birthday of one of my all time favorite painters, Claude Monet.  Born in 1840, he is one of the founders of French Impressionist painting. Monet wasn’t afraid to venture away from traditional art techniques and he began experimenting with new approaches to art including painting the effects of light en plein … Continue reading

How to Make Art from Trash

Today I’m giving suggestions on how to make art from trash. Ok, it doesn’t really have to be trash but it could be, or any old, extra pieces of stuff you may have lying around your studio or house.   I got the idea from a project my girls were doing in their art class.  They … Continue reading

Apps for Artists

You know what they say, “There’s an app for that.” There are apps for so many things from cooking and shopping to business and music but there are also apps available for artists. A friend forwarded me a link to a page that listed some apps for the iPhone artist.  I think the variety of … Continue reading

Mural Painting at Made in America

Mural Painting at Made in America

For “how to” Tuesday, I’d like to talk about mural painting.  Since I’ve never actually painted a mural, I’m not gonna give specific instructions on how to do that (although I am attaching a link on Steps to Making a Mural from the City of Philadelphia’s fabulous Mural Arts Program website if you’d like to … Continue reading

Re-Creating Olympic Rings

For our “how to” today, I thought it’d be fun to give some ideas on re-creating the image of the Olympic rings with children. If your children are participating in some outdoor “Olympic style” games, have them help make flags or decorations with the rings to add to the spirit and festiveness of the games. … Continue reading

How to Make Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards are small works of art created quickly for giving away or trading.  Recently, the CAC offered a class on Making Artist Trading Cards with Claudia McGill.  I think they are really cool and can be used as a marketing tool to promote an artist’s work.  There are many techniques you can use … Continue reading

Easy Arts Activities with Children

Art experiences allow children the opportunity to practice working with their hands and fingers, refining small motor skills. It also improves eye-hand coordination. Working with various materials provides children with the opportunity to learn about the building blocks of art: shape, form and color while building confidence in their ability to create. Here are a … Continue reading

How to Make Easy Prints

How to Make Easy Prints

School’s out for summer so here’s an idea on how to make easy prints at home with children. MEAT TRAY PRINTING You will need: Washed Styrofoam meat trays Dull pointed pencil Tempera or acrylic paint (tempera is washable, acrylic is not, both are available at local craft and art stores) Foam paint brush (1” wide … Continue reading

How to Mosaic a Flower Pot

It’s “how to” Tuesday so if you’re looking for information on how to paint, sculpt,  draw, create any type of art, or learn a new technique, you’ve come to the right place! Since summer’s right around the corner, I thought I’d make some mosaic flower pots for my garden.  Sounds like a fun and easy … Continue reading